Wine Cellars 

Oakly wine racks (013) come in 2 sizes:
   1.05m wide by 1m high - 50 bottles
   1.05m wide by 1.4m high - 70 bottles

Choose from our wide range of bars, fridges, tables and chairs to furnish your wine cellar. Chandeliers (012) are also available.

See Bars and Fridges for pictures and specifications of these items.

Bar chairs (010) are also available. These can be ordered, as can all Oakly products, in an oak or mahogany finish.


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These wine racks (013) are a new addition to our product range


Our new wine racks come in 2 sizes

Cosy wine cellar

4 seater tables combine
with wall mounted half barrel bars in this functional and cosy wine cellar.

Cosy wine cellar

Chandeliers (012) which combine wrought iron and wood add an interesting touch to any wine cellar



The charming Wine and Dine table and chairs (011) -- ideal for wine cellar, patio or other special space!





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