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Our half barrel products are extremely suitable for making an efficient use of space where there is even a small amount of wall space available.

Used either singly or in combination, these products tuck neatly against the wall for a creative use of space.

The half barrel fridge tables (006) are fitted with a footrest rail. Oakly also manufactures barstools which can be added to complete your bar area.

See the photographs for functional self service bar layouts - no need for the "barman" to be behind a counter all evening!


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The half barrel fridge  table (006) fits neatly under a painting for efficient  space usage.

 Size: 1.2 m (against wall) x 0.7m (out from wall)          

Half barrel fridge table

The half barrel bar (004) can stand on a table against the wall, or be hung at a suitable height on the wall itself.

Half barrel bar 

Here an oak finish half barrel bar (004) and half barrel fridge table (006) are shown as an elegant combination, together with bar stools (010).

All Oakly products are also available in mahogany finish.

Mahogany finish half barrel bar and fridge

 Tthis view of a table fridge shows the functional and attractive table top (mahogany finish)  to best advantage.

Mahogany finish table fridge

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