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If space allows, why not consider a barrel bar table? Choose from our range to suit your space requirements. 8 seater tables are available fitted either with fridges (007) or revolving shelves (008). There is also a 6 seater table with shelves (009) and a 4 seater table. Whether used as wine cellars or for extra storage in your bar, these tables add character and functionality. All tables are made of solid oak, laminated for extra strength. Tables are fitted with footrest rails. The matching barstools (010) are also part of our range.

Combine a table and barstools with corner and wall units for a attractive and functional bar area.

Many of our customers have found that these tables have become "fun tables", with family and friends congregating around them to play games.
For other tables in our range, see  Wine Cellars.



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The 8 seater barrel fridge table (007) is 1.05m high and the tabletop is 1.45m in diameter. The diameter from back of chair to back of chair is 2.6m.

8 seater barrel fridge table

Here the 8 seater table (007) is shown with fridge door open.

8 seater table with open fridge door

The 6 seater table (009)with revolving shelves is a space saving and cost effective alternative to the larger 8 seater.

6 seater table with revolving shelves

The latest space saver: the four seater table. The top diameter is 1m and the height is 1.05m.

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